Meus is specialized in manufacturing bacteriology products and non-vacuum test tubes for collection of biological fluids.
Meus also manufactures the needles for vacuum collection devices distributed by Vacutest Kima.
Meus designs and realizes the moulds used by Roll.

The range of bacteriology products is composed by: swabs with or without culture media, plates and slides with ready-to-use culture media and many ready-to-use culture media in test tubes or bottles.
The range of test tubes for the collection of biological fluids is composed by:
• test tubes for blood collection with several additives: anticoagulants, clot activator and serum separators
• Test tubes for urine collections with or without additives

A mould workshop provided with enhanced CNC equipments makes possible to realize the moulds in-house designed.
The development of every new product goes through a prototyping phase and a study of the raw materials flowing inside the moulds using a 3D technique. This approach gives the possibility to realize moulds that don’t need to be further adjusted to obtain the best performance.

All the products manufactured by Meus are CE marked.
Meus is a certified company ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.