PP container 60 ml with screw cap and label

Quick serum tubes. Tubes for a faster clotting to obtain serum separation in only 5 minutes.

New urine container 60 ml with collection device available non sterile, sterile in bulk and sterile individually wrapped

Holder with safety device and integrated needle individually wrapped. The device allows an easy and safety blood collection reducing the probability of needlestick injury after use, locking securely the needle when engaged. Available with different needle's diameters and lenght. The needles are oriented to make the blood collection more comfortable.

Holder with safety device to use with Vacutest Kima needles. The device can be rotate to perform the blood collection easily. Needles with different diameters and lenght can be used.

Sterile capillary test tubes for pediatric blood collection. The capillary is protected by a hood to maintain the sterility untill the blood collection. After blood collection the capillary stopper is removed and replaced with the bottom stopper. This secondary stopper has an upper surface easily pierceable.