Vacutest Kima is specialized in manufacturing and marketing vacuum systems for the collection of biological fluids.

Vacutest Kima manufactures all its products in modern industrial facilities, monitoring the air quality regularly.

Vacutest Kima uses automatic equipments provided with enhanced assembly and control units of the manufacturing process.

Vacutest Kima checks continuosly the raw materials used and the final products to keep an excellent level of quality.

    The range of products is composed by:

  • Sterile test tubes in PET with predetermined vacuum, resistant to impacts and provided with safety caps. Available in different external sizes: 13×75 mm, 13×100 mm, 16×100 mm and various vacuums, volumes, additives and cap colours.
  • Needle holders with or without safety device to protect from needlestick injuries.
  • Sterile needles for multiple drawings in various sizes. The needles are available in standard version and preassembled on holders with safety device to protect from needlestick injuries.
  • Sterile Luer adapters and collection sets.
  • Sterile test tubes for pediatric and neonatal blood taking with or without capillary.
  • Safety urine collection system including containers and straws with collection device for vacuum tubes.
  • Test tubes and needles for veterinary use.

All the products manufactured by Vacutest Kima are CE marked.
Vacutest Kima is a certified company ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.